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  1. arnav shocked about khushi engagement Arnav was shocked and thought that she is one of the spoilt girls. As they touched down to the Hawaiian islands, they got ready for their new life. She was expecting to hear some good scoldings, but was shocked again after finding Arnav giving way for her to enter first. She loved the feel of them against her fingers. She fed him silently. Shattered pieces of an empty whiskey bottle adorned the floor. Shyam: “Khushi Ji, I love you and only you. You need to dress to kill! You’ve already showed off your cultural side on Diwali, this is going to be a modern engagement party. They knew they loved each other but were afraid to express thinking that the other would reject. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 20th November 2011 pt3 Maha Episode - Khushi tells Arnav about her engagement - Arnav & Khushi (Arshi) Love Scene 140 - Arnav and Khushi scene - Episode 126 - Sanaya Irani & Barun Sobti - HQ Khushi and Arnav are shocked when they see Akash propose to Payal. Say naa Arnav, don’t you want this marriage” asked Khushi. Arnav is shell-shocked Khushi pushes Shyam away and asks why he doesn't leave Anjali if this marriage means nothing to him. she was hurt. This page is dedicated to all the Arshi fans who are still reading Arshi ffs in loving memory of Arnav arshi ff index with sheetal; los alamos public ka ooltah chashmah episode See more of Arnav Khushi Fan Fictions by Madhu by helpnew. His eyes gleamed in the light and it showed so many emotions fleeting through it. “Because I wanted her to be safe from her fiance. now they expect payal 2 do the same. Anjali, Mami and Nani could not believe their Chotte shouted on his Di as one at the tone since he did not speak to her like this ever in his life. And now to make the matter worse, Arnav has not only announced his engagement date with Lavanya, which will most probably take place in a day or two The second Arnav's eyes zeroed in on the diamond shimmering arrogantly on the ring finger of her left hand, he heard a collective gasp of shock echo at the table. it was then that both of them turned to find a shocked Khushi standing there glaring at them. the poolside where she had the happiest memories of her life. Khushi closed her eyes in frustration. it surprised all. Khushi said Arnav all that happened from the day of the Lucknow fashion show till date. And I came to meet u and Arnav boss to tell about this Yes we love Arnav & Khushi, but IPKKND was more than just them. but everything changes when he falls for khushi who changes him for the better ' doesn't know that the girl he loves is his younger brother hone wale dulhan . There’s a small but pivotal moment much later where Khushi calls him Laad Governor while muttering to herself about him, only to correct herself and call him Arnav-ji. Arnav’s right hand rested on her smooth waist as he looked down at her. Not only this, Khushi who has seen the real side of Shyam (Abhaas Mehta) will be in a tight spot whether to reveal his true identity to Anjali (Daljit Kaur), or stay mum about it. Arnav Singh Raizada could not stay without Khushi Raizada, even for a single day. _Hello Hi Bye ByeGoody Morfing Couple. When Khushi had been very young, her brother had been sent off to boarding school due to his undisciplined ways and his parents giving up on him. ” he looked away and continued, “Anyways, I thought Raj will keep Khushi happy; I thought she would be happier with him than me”. Arnav who was looking radiant as a sun in its bright glory stole her breath and she smiled at him with all happiness in the world of finally being his. But it seemed Khushi had some other plans today. “Hi Arnuuu!…” she said with a fat grin. When he had dealt with a couple of intruders, he turned to see her march over to him and stare at him with wide, frank eyes. . Khushi and Gupta’s learned about why Arnav married Khushi forcefully which shocked them but they could do nothing, when Arnav had threatened Khushi to destroy her family and Khushi accepted to be with him as his wife tolerating his every wrath, his every hate. Both Arnav and Khushi were shocked to hear that. She soon recovered from the shock and said while getting up from the sofa “Naniji hume chal na chaiye … Arnav is in love with Khushi, his sister in law Payal's sister. When she had explained her situation and the reasons for the decisions she had made, she had known that Arnav wouldn’t want to go back to the… When Arnav was making for Khushi & his family was shocked LOL Find this Pin and more on Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon by Ülker Bengü Bozok . its must be so painful for Khushi to know about his betrayal, man is dead so no closer for Khushi, no answers . He had joined today and immediately trapped into loads of works, especially few back to back operations. Arnav pace around the corridor of 4th floor. Arnav quickly knelt beside Khushi, his expression changing rapidly to one of concern and affection. "I broke my engagement with him Arnav ji because I didn't love him. Sitting down next to Khushi, he had explained everything to her. Khushi looked out of the little window and saw them fly above Delhi. Arnav hadn’t gone back to Khushi’s house despite the many invitations from her family and fiancée. I know Arnav Bhai too feels uncomfortable with them around and I don’t want that. and her accent is also bengali. Khushi, startled by what had happened and shaken by the fear that had gripped her, pulled Arnav into her, holding him tightly, her arms wrapping around him. “I don’t believe you Arnuu. In this arnav is an actor married to khushi who is simple and middle class. The past night he had mulled over the havoc he had wrought on the Gupta family starting with his skirmish with Khushi at Sheesh Mahal. “My kitty party friends are going to be here soon. Posted in: A fake engagement-a real wedding | Tagged: Arnav and Khushi, Arnav Singh Raizada, Arshi, Arshi wedding, Fan Fiction, IPKKND, Khushi, love stories, modern romance, Romance A fake engagement-a real wedding Chapter 4 Arnav replied, still smiling, “I was planning to break off my engagement with Lavanya and talk to Khushi. And then she had shocked her by informing her of her engagement with Akash Mehra. Khushi rested her head against Arnav’s shoulder and looked towards the farther end of the room. Arnav Singh Raizada was a 26 years old bussinessman , he never wanted to get married, the most eligiable bachlour of India '. ” That was enough to stop Aditya, as he glanced at Arnav over his shoulder and said, “Sorry bhai. Arnav's parents called for a meeting in their living room, so they gathered all their employees (maids, butler, chauffeurs, guards, gardeners, cooks, etc. So when Arnav-Lavanya will decide to call off their engagement, the Raizada family will be shocked. My grandma is old and she could not attend our engagement. The dagger like words that they had to face from the society, Shyaam saving her from goons, him staying as PG in their house, their engagement, the day of the pooja on which she found out that he was married, her breaking the engagement and him saying that he will do anything to get her. Unlike Arnav who was more interested in immediate damage control, Khushi had anticipated this scenario and had tried to take necessary pre-emptive steps. It was him. She took a piece of chappathi,dipped it in the daal and extended to him. . Khushi woke with a start to stare into Arnav’s eyes as he fussed around her like she was a child. the one she loved was marrying someone else and that too in front of her eyes. Every one is shocked to see that Arnav and Khushi are married. she wanted to cry but she could not in front of Arnav. because, Khushi who never talk a single word in household matter now today she was taking all charge and also commending … She said while both Arnav & Khushi were shocked and happy. Khushi is really adorable. Raman Ishita reached a place. Arnav makes Khuski apologize. Arnav Khushi too reached there. Arnav put the ring on Khushi's ring finger; then kissed her hand. She had not completely forgiven im but there were still 3 weeks left for their marraige contract to get over. She had requested Mamaji to stay back for a few days but then he was also a busy man (pooja-path and teen care are no mean tasks) so he had offered to take his mother along with him to Mumbai As Khushi animatedly talked about Arnav, Lavanya look at Arnav looking at her a small smile playing on his lips. She returns to her room remembering the moments related to his confession, such as the Diwali scene and her engagement announcement. Khushi refers to Arnav as “Laad Governor” for the very first time. well waiting for Arnav to know the thoughts that occupied Khushi’s mind whenever she zoned out. He started to tickle with his fingers and his lips. She also told him everything about Shyam and explained the terrace scene. They never imagined that she had a commanding nature, which is worst than Arnav. Kajal had been bouncing between Khushi’s house and the office spending most of her time at the house with all the orders. Arnav sat by Khushi's bed as she slept, her hand in his, dropping kisses on her forehead and cheeks at frequent intervals. Arnav entered in Khushi’s home next evening, said Salam to Waaizah and Aftab. She just stared at Khushi and looked at her from head to toe eyeing her while her eyebrow s knitted together. Khushi was all smiles, laughing with Nanheji at his jokes as she placed the plates before the guests and passed dishes to them. the foreplay is starting, a little brush of fingers come to mind, or a smile that strays to the eyes suggesting things. It was anybody’s guess what that look meant. The Guptas and the Raizadas watched her with sharp eyes, taking note of every glance she threw at Arnav and every word she spoke to him. Arnav reaches the hospital and is shocked to see Anjali trying to commit suicide with the help of scissors . Khushi didn't know how to hush Arnav so she did what he did previously, lightly kissed him. Khushi rested. Arnav promised to rid his guilt and Khushi's pain by creating fresh and beautiful memories, while Khushi promised to self to love Arnav unconditionally for he forget all his pain and become her laad governor once again. Days rolled on and the result of the exams were out. Khushi was conscious now and she was very well aware that Arnav had brought here in Raizada Mansion seeing her condition. Khushi didn’t like the fact that Arnav was given all privileges by Sakshi to lift Rishi while she was restricted from doing so. Arn:But why have they also come here? A source close to the show informs us, “Arnav has started realizing her feelings for Khushi (Sanaya Irani). She did feel sick though in the middle of the flight but the rest went all smooth. She pushed him back and let him staggered a bit until regaining his balance. Arnav was worried about Khushi she had had a lot on. He marched into the room, with every intention of telling Lavanya off, when he saw that she was almost out the door. with this Khushi says to Arnav that she will win without his help and that the she knows the fashion world as well as he Khushi was shocked. The next morning, Arnav got up to hear Khushi singing, "Mausam hai suhana, Kapra Sukhana Ka Bahana, Lalala," when she saw Arnav getting up and continued as she smirked, "What the, What the, What the, Laad Governor Ko Sautana. Hope Anjali does not take untoward steps and hope reasoning prevails. Khushi found a big white teddy bear in angali’s room and hugged it… Arnav slowly gets up and walks out of his room and slowly limps to the adjoining room where Khushi was as pale and still as a corpse. He was absent from the duties for last three days because of Khushi’s conditions. will she be able to do puja like K?Loved arshi's sindoor scene. lavanya's engagement is already broken off, so she won't really care anyway, every1 looks and gives a strange look, arnav proposes to khushi, and khushi goes right into him and gives a hug tight to him and says yes!!!!! Arnav: My Plan Mrs Khushi Singh Raizada is to embrace my baby and sleep tonight. pushed her chair back. Arnav didn't speak a word but kept on looking at Khushi with hurt and disbelief written all over his face. Little does he know that she's in love with him as well, but neither of them has the courage to confess. Arnav led Khushi back to the seats where they have to sit during take off and landing and they got strapped in. Khushi falls into a pit and Arnav finds her. lavanya's engagement is already broken off, so she won't really care anyway, every1 looks and gives a strange look, arnav proposes to khushi, and khushi goes right into him and gives a hug tight to him and says yes!!!!! Arnav ran behind the door, and motioned for Khushi to open it. Arnav was very curious at the way Khushi ran to the entrance. A sharp piece lay in his limp hand. Meanwhile, Arnav is mesmerized when he sees Khushi in a saree. Khushi is shocked to hear Arnav say "I Love You". After telling all that she had to tell about Priya and her relationship, Khushi felt that it was time to ask Arnav whether he could give Priya a chance. Arnav had been looking at Khushi turned to look at Shyam who by then was staring at Khushi again but Arnav saw Shyam’s mood was off. There was no way he was going to give the teamleader position to Khushi that was going to KJ. A series of events lead Lavanya to realise that Arnav is in love with Khushi & she breaks off her engagement. He remembers that once he had found Khushi in a compromising position and did not even let her explain. and then he is about kiss her but Khushi closes her eyes and seems scared. By the ring of phone Arnav jumped with "What The" word and bring the phone up. but what excuse Payal had, I have to know . He returned to the car with a plastic bag containing a butterscotch ice cream for khushi and plain vanilla for himself. Khushi looked down at her hand, precisely at the spot where he had kissed her and her heart clenched painfully. | See more ideas about Sanaya irani, Arnav and khushi and Bollywood. Ask them only to attend marriage” said Anjali angrily. After feeding him the last bite Khushi asked him. Later at home, Arnav is surprised to see Akash in a sad mood. he says, do you know. Jaiswal, I was angry at you for taking my Khushi away from me. So we are going there to get her blessings. Arnav understanding Khushi's state and Khushi wondering how to make choices, Payal wondering where has all the romance gone and Anjali bearing the brunt of the society and feeling all alone. If you don’t want Khushi and Payal to hurt, then ask them to stay away from all the functions of my marriage. Khushi apologises to Arnav as she wanted to get her ring back. Before Shyam could react towards Khushi, Mami, Aakash, Payal, NK & Arnav shielded her grin the lustful anger filled eyes of Shyam. Arnav just looks from Shyam to Khushi. Khushi knew that better than anybody else, not that it made things any easier for her though. With her body still lying on the bed, she forced her hand to move with little strength she had. All she thought about was her engagement with Arnav and went downstairs with her side friends where a groom was sitting covering his face with sehra, she sat beside him and after some rituals, she stood up along with the groom who was Rangeela. All of them looked at Arnav shocked including Khushi. Her family loses trust and their love for Khushi, thinking that she did this to spoil Payal's wedding. ‘Arnav, I know you and Anju have a lot to talk about. Khushi went to join the table, Arnav and Shyam were already there, as Arnav saw Khushi, he pulled out the chair for her, so did Shyam, but Khushi preferred to sit next to Arnav, so she did and he gave her a side smirk. Khushi [ sobbing badly] : Yeh . ) to announce something. Then khushi trys to run to the door, but arnav holds her hand in kind of a love way, and every1 is shocked. Watch Queue Queue. Khushi who was sleeping from last night slowly started moving. He was friend of Arnav. Arnav then kisses her on her forehead, hand. ” Arnav watched as Khushi, Payal and Shyam were taken aback. Repeats start! Monday 9 January 2017 Episode 80 . I want you to wear the Bargello lehenga. Now Arnav gets to know that Khushi has participated the contest because Arnav is one of the sponsors of Mrs India. Arnav stopped the car in front of a huge bungalow. The Gupta’s broke ties with the Raizada’s; Payal and Aakash returned from the US when they found out about the situation with Arnav & Khushi…. arnav supported khushi that puja is her right. Even Arnav was shocked to realize the same. Arnav started looking everywhere except at Nani while Khushi just looked at him with the shocked expression. The dance had just got over and Khushi’s heart was still fluttering like a captured butterfly, waiting to burst out at the earliest, the memories of the dance still fogging her senses. Unforseen Love airs on Glow TV from Mondays to Fridays at 21h30. "khushi, mere liye ek cup chay nahin banaogi," khushi, won't you make me a cup of tea? sweet is the tone, the eyes roam her face, almost loving. definitely breath is slightly hitched. Posts about Arnav and Khushi written by dustyboots A fake engagement-a real wedding | Tagged: Arnav and Khushi, Arnav Perhaps that is how they had first Arnav And Khushi First Kiss Sanaya Irani Kdrama Kos Wedding Proposals Scene Dancing Dance Marriage Proposals Marriage Arnav & Khushi - Love Scene 418 Khushi saw a giant bear for the first time arnav khushi love scene 140 arnav shocked video izle izlesem video arama motoru It had been a few days since the conversation with Arnav, but Khushi had yet to rid herself of the melancholic feeling that had taken to haunting her. This ONE SHOTS SPECIAL is dedicated to other beloved characters of IPKKND. Aranya , she just winked & Arnav laughed under breath for her. Khushi also sees Payal in a similar condition. From the way Khushi was telling about the relationship of Priya and her, Arnav realized that "Priya" meant a lot to Khushi. Over coffee in the afternoon, Lavanya mentioned Arnav and the upcoming design and saw Khushi tense up immediately. The girl was Khushi, but she wasn’t happy like her name. Khushi felt Arnav's eyes on her and looked up to meet his eyes. Lavanya had seen the way Khushi and Arnav seemed to be like cat on hot bricks for each other and decided to ask Khushi what was happening. Only the shallow up and down of her chest with her breathing was indicating that she was still alive. But khushi is khushi and she always got her waywell at least with arnav and so he found his running towards the ice cream cart to bring ice creams. Arnav was crouched behind the fallen beam when he looked in the room and saw Khushi sitting against a pillar where the roof was going to cave in. " Angry and agitated Arnav exclaims, "Yes it affects me that she got engaged and didn't even tell me. he is totally heart broken over the news of Alia's engagement and the thing that mocking him is he is helpless After 1 hour driving, they reached the outskirt of Delhi. Chapter 13 “But that’s not– Arnav Rothwell, you clear this right now!” Khushi was too outraged at Shyam’s statement to not speak out. Khushi saw her hand on his shoulder and there she realised that they were still dancing when the others had stopped. He had discovered this quite early on, when he had been forced to spend one day without her, because Khushi had gone to a Pooja with Nani, at a temple that was a couple of hour’s drive from Delhi. Khushi gasped to see a 4 carat royal blue diamond engagement ring and blue diamond surrounded by a halo of bright white old round cut diamonds. At home Arnav explains to khushi that the fashion world is not for her its to cruel and shes not fit for it. she broke into tears. She wasn't scared anymore of Shyam seeing her family supporting her. Khushi is asked to organize Lavanya & Arnav's engagement party. Arnavji. I felt he is doing all this as he was forced to. In the childhood, he would be coming to raizada home for studying. A Starplus. Being a bright student, Khushi got herself a scholarship but she wasn't happy as she'll have to leave her love here and move to the city. Arnav knew how much Khushi loved Lucknow because it was where she grew up so he bought a house there a couple months after they got married but never got a chance to tell her about it because she never came back. he is very much tensed about Armaan. Her head was paining very badly. At first, she told Preeto that she was marrying him because he was a nice guy, and she thought that a rich NRI might help in turning Khushi’s dreams into reality. Clearly, this is a matter between you both. Arnav then stops and says, I know before marriage you don’t like all this. Arnav who was lying in the bed, stands up and he finally looks at her…finally their eyes meet…Khushi feels that her heart will stop beating, but she takes a deep breath…Waiting for him, to talk, now that he's looking in the bottom of her eyes…but he takes a newspaper, sits again in the bed and starts reading… Arnav Khushi stories. ’ he said. "Hai Devi Maiyaa, meri bhi kismat kaisi niklee. before I met you. He feels bad when Khushi cries and gives back her ring. she dropped her spoon with a bang. That girl gave a sleepish smile to khushi and offered a chair for her. Arnav and Khushi's dance to Teri Meri (The Rabba Ve moment) At Payal and Akash's sangeet, Payal’s (Deepali Pansare) family, the Raizadas have an upper hand and Kushi’s brilliant performance will ultimately make the Raizadas win. I hope you all like it. Khushi then threw her arms around his neck, and smacked her lips on her, Arnav was shocked at first, then he responded back, they sucked each others lips till they were red and swollen, Khushi grabbed his nape and lifted herself up, he held her waist and hoisted her up, he bit her lips and his tongue entered her sweet nectar, after kissing and Arnav aka Barun Sobti breaks his engagement with Lavanya aka Sana Khan from Star Plus's "Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon". Khushi was shocked hearing the three words which she wanted to hear from Arnav. Khushi was new admission in Grade 12th and soon she get along well with all her classmates being chirpy and friendly in nature. You shouldnt have a problem with that. Khushi could see the evidence of it on Shyam's bruised face and yet she was still more concerned that Arnav may have hurt his hand more than she was with Shyam's injuries. He followed her and saw a man standing at the entrance of his house and staring at his wife. Arnav overhears Anjali and Nani discussing Khushi's broken engagement and the fact that she wanted to keep quiet about it till Payash and Arnav-La engagement was safely and happily done and Arnav feels bad. It was time to make amends. and locked herself in her room. Arnav Never underestand why the doughter_in_law in house should work and others be relax. He wasn’t sure what shocked him either; whether it was the fact that Khushi was the reason for his sister’s misery or that Anjali let anything Khushi did, affect her so much. "You have been sitting here for hours, Nandkisore. As Arnav draped the necklace around Lavanya’s neck, Khushi felt a deep pang of agony in her belly. It was late morning and her room buzzing with activity. Motilal was concerned, but Aman convinced him that Anjali was fine, she was just under a lot of stress from the wedding. but still arnav, Khushi,NK, Prem didnt know about this Shagun because Lavanya informed to nani and others it should be surprise His eyes roaming from Khushi to Payal to Shyam, Arnav said, with a snarl, his hands curled into fists. Shyam sneaks into Shantivan during the function. When Arnav was making #Jalebi for Khushi & his family was shocked LOL #IPKKND Khushi and Arnav were still looking in each others eyes when the DJ started playing the next song which was full with Loud beats and that broke the stance between them. Since they were not enagaged properly, Anjali handed a Ring to bothArnav and Khushi and as them to make each other wear before the other ritualsstart. Arnav was looking very pleased at this. They were shocked to see each other. Arnav is angry with Khushi as she tells him about her engagement. He had a suspicion that maybe but now to have it written in black and white shocked him to core. he will happy that Khushi is thinking so much about him. Watch this Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon video, Arnav & Khushi - Love Scene 140 - Arnav shocked, on Fanpop and browse other Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon videos. Arnav moved aside to givesome space for Khushi to fit in and get seated beside him for starting theceremony. We last saw after the successful completion of the Shagun ceremony now it was time for Roka . yeh sab meri baja se huya … *Arnav told both the Gupta’s and the Raizada’s what had transpired between Khushi and himself, including the six month contract topic. Khushi was admiring the card sitting near the pool side. That was night,Arnav tried to stop Khushi in order not to go and make dinner,But Khushi didn't accept and left. She patted his cheeks"Arnav wake upopen your Arnav. But then Raj. they decided to live separately from Shantivan, so they Arnav understanding Khushi's state and Khushi wondering how to make choices, Payal wondering where has all the romance gone and Anjali bearing the brunt of the society and feeling all alone. khushi and arnav get ready…khushi in a pink lehenga and arnav a black sherwanicoat. she is getting zoned out so frequently. Arnav: "sometimes its too hard to forget one's past that's why u didn't even realise when you called me Arnavji a few times in the past month accidentally if I should add" She turned around to look at him shocked. A nurse was taking readings and Arnav was leaning over adjusting her pillow when her eyes met his. Arnav looks at VJ for the first time with respect instead of anger: Mr. She did, and Garima waltzed in. Unlike Arnav's thought,Khushi controlled herself and didn't ask Arnav anything that night. And that was the moment when little Khushi assumed that her mother loved Arnav more than her. Khushi was shocked. I can’t live without you Khushiji” He pulled her into a forceful hug. Annie was shocked when Arnav said that Khushi was his girlfriend. maan and geet had a temple wedding right after the church wedding as per hid dadi’s wish… they were dressed in indian bridals When Arnav had gone for two weeks trip, Akash and Payal for their honeymoon and Shyam on his work, Anjali often felt sickness in nights but nani was already asleep by then, nonetheless, Khushi was by her side, Khushi spent sleepless nights for her, that she didn't need anything. Arnav is shocked to hear about her engagement. When she had explained her situation and the reasons for the decisions she had made, she had known that Arnav wouldn’t want to go back to the… It had been a few days since the conversation with Arnav, but Khushi had yet to rid herself of the melancholic feeling that had taken to haunting her. she pinched herself to check whether she was dreaming as she was in her Arnav's thoughts and was very happy. well he too is but he is not getting zoned out. Truth be told, when she had broken up her “engagement” with Arnav, she had hoped that he would stop fighting his love for Khushi. It’s amazing how these writers have captured nuances so easily overlooked, yet provides beautiful insights into the world we are ever fascinated by. Khushi and Arnav are shocked when they see Akash propose to Payal. If you missed some of the update, then do click on the link below, to check whenever I have been updating the MC on In dia-Fo rums. Yes, it was the ring that Khushi had dropped at Shantivan once. Instead, what would have helped was why he was the way he was; and since that was still a mystery, it left her guessing and on the back foot. Arnav lay on the ground,leaning against the wall,unconscious. But then I realized that she needed someone to protect her from my selfishness. Lavanya looked at the exchange with a silly smile on her face. Arnav will be very angry about Khushi's engagement and will announce that he wants an engagement ceremony with Lavanya in a week. Shocked, Arnav's grip on Amar's collar had slackened and Amar moved away from him with a smirk on his face. The dagger like words that they had to face from the society, Shyaam saving her from goons, him staying as PG in their house, their engagement, the day of the pooja on which she found out that he was… Khushi gasped to see a 4 carat royal blue diamond engagement ring and blue diamond surrounded by a halo of bright white old round cut diamonds. "Arnav bitwaa, " Buaji placed ginger tea and pakoras by his side. Arnav didn’t know why he was shocked. Glad he need not wait more to know what exactly Khushi is feeling for him. "ARNAV" Khushi screamed in horror. Arnav turned his attention to the file Aman had bought in. Arnav looked devilishly handsome in his dark sherwani as he smiled at her, making Khushi feel so lucky to have a man like Arnav to spend the rest of her life with. and down to the poolside. This is a collection of my stories on my favorite couple Arnav and Khushi from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. For khushi to trust Arnav with her body and something as powerful and intimate as her orgasm. Arnav stared at Khushi numbly not able to accept the fact that she was actually going to go through with this engagement. Khushi decided not to tell angali about shayam and her engagement as she was told by Arnav and she was scared of him so she kept silence about tht matter. The Raizadas were to see Khushi commanding nature, as they never seen this side of her. Finally, Arnav says something that completely shocks Khushi, "Khushi, I Love You". Khushi had known the truth why Arnav had married. Annie welcomed us into the lobby giving the arrogant jerk an amorous hug. *Arnav told both the Gupta’s and the Raizada’s what had transpired between Khushi and himself, including the six month contract topic. money mined thinks money is a power that can buy everything even peoples emotions '. when Arnav looked at. However, what Khushi doesn't know is that Arnav has found out about Shyam, but not about her past. He just couldn’t. He came to Khushi's side and opened the car's door. they decided to live separately from Shantivan, so they Arnav told Khushi “Till you call me Arnav, I won’t leave you”. Aloo and Poori were lying next to each other, watching them, with their loving brown eyes. Khushi so wished at that moment to vanish somewhere and not look into Arnav's eyes. Khushi’s head rested on Arnav’s arm while her hand lay on his chest, her fingers caressing his hair lightly. Khushi asked while Arnav got a hint of Arnav's lack of trust in Khushi. Arnav[sees Khushi's chheks gonin red and passes a crooked smile,pulls khushi's hands and she falls on his laps]-khushi when in morning I have seen your smiling face Sanaya Irani- Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada- Khushi is a 18-year-old girl from a small town in Lucknow. When we arrived at the venue Ms. “ It is just Arnav doesn’t look happy and seemed irritated in today’s engagement. Arnav and Lavarnia decided to cancel their engagement and she left the house in hope that Arnav and Khushi would soon realise their love for each other. Khushi came home for her winter break from college but she was shocked to find the gupta house was fully decorated and it looked like a bride. Sakshi who was too shocked at Arnav's outburst and the couple open display of love and solidarity seemed too lost to pick herself off the ground and walk away, Khushi noticed her inability to collect herself and disengaged from Arnav and walked over to Sakshi, she took Sakshi's hand and pulled her up who got up reluctantly, Khushi looked at However, on discovering his married state, Khushi breaks off the engagement and warns Shyam that he must mend his ways and remain loyal to Anjali. Arnav took Khushi to the mandap, sat down beside her, adorned her in the Mangalsutra and Sindoor that had his name on them, completed the significant seven pheras, marking her as his forever and letting the world know that he was hers as much as she was his. I am so happy finally my son is getting all the happiness. Khushi was shocked and her trance due to hypnotizing ‘the Arnav’ effect broke immediately. He took that from her hand and ate it…licking her fingertips. Payal and Akash's wedding brought Arnav and Khushi to each other. Arnav ran to Khushi and pulled her up and holding her by the arm dragged her out of the room seconds before the roof caved in. Afterall you told me we have equal rights on the baby. Telebuzz is back with all the latest updates of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon . Khushi could not control anymore and screamed his name “Arnav” making Arnav to stop his tickling and watched at her. Please don't copy my files into other threads and acclaim it yours. To Arnav's ears, the sound was that of his world crashing down around him. Arnav and Khushi boarded the flight and it was a long journey Khushi was scared excited nervous all at once. KJ and Payal took care of all of Khushi’s work. Arnav is surprised when Khushi signs the contract documents. Khushi stops Arnav as he was about to put the ring on her finger. Arnav Khushi stories. On one hand we saw Khushi (Sanaya Irani) being upset about the whole development of her engagement to Shyam and further Arnav’s (Barun Sobti) strange behavior is giving her the toughest of time. Arnav knocked on the door as he took of his sun glasses and looked around. Monday 6 February 2017 Episode 105 Khushi realizes that she is in love with Arnav. Khushi held his hand:Control yourself Arnavji. Then she asked bit angrily. This man always sticks to her. He had repented but had never expressed his love. While On OtherHand N ot Knowing Shyam's Presence Khushi Was Pacing In Terrace Lost In Her Own Remebrations That How On PaYash Mehendi Arnav Teased Her Telling Her That She Can't Do Everything And She Replied She Can Then Earning A First Time Kiss On Her Cheek For First Time She Was Shocked And Pushed Him Arnav Singh Raizada: 28 yrs old akash is older brother is the polar opposite of him he is very arrogant, stuck up, egotistic, self centered '. My heart belongs to someone else! But one startling news will rock Arnav's world just when he is very close to revealing his feelings, bu tlater will take a dramatic decision in the maha episode this Sunday. Manav updated Arnav about the traces of arsenic in Anjali blood and also about what Khushi had been telling him about Shyam, corroborating what Khushi had told me the other day. Seeing Raman Arnav’s face became red due to anger. Arnav placed a kiss on Khushi’s head, rested his head against hers and pressed her closer to his body. Telebuzz is back with the latest updates of your favorite show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon . Khushi then threw her arms around his neck, and smacked her lips on her, Arnav was shocked at first, then he responded back, they sucked each others lips till they were red and swollen, Khushi grabbed his nape and lifted herself up, he held her waist and hoisted her up, he bit her lips and his tongue entered her sweet nectar, after kissing and Two weeks after Khushi’s disappearance, Arnav left his office mid day, and walked into Garima’s house in Laxmi Nagar. in source divulg Report Video. Momentarily stunned , but quickly recovering, Arnav pulled her back onto the bed as he rolled her over and let the madness take over, everything else could wait but he couldn't allow Khushi to live in the fear that their love for each other came at the price of other's happiness because it wasnt true. Khushi stops Arnav from putting the ring on her finger. Without saying any word she accepted her offer and started watching their fight. Khushi told her all friends that she is going to get fix with Arnav or who don’t know Arnav, she gave them a brief intro of him to them and same Arnav did. She knew what he was trying to do, yet she was adamant about not revealing her feelings to him, at least not when everyone was around them. Khushi insults Arnav. Arnav feels scared that Khushi will leave him now because of a misunderstanding created by someone else. Of course in relationships it’s a two way street, which is why it’s sooooo awesome to read a role reversal in this OS. Please select the category that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or isn't appropriate for all viewers. Arnav dragged his eyes away from the enchanting picture she made with great difficulty, & focused on the guest who had appeared to congratulate him. So they have an arrange marriage after which there are instances where arnav gives more important to his acting career and takes khushi for granted who is just a liability for him. Arnav had a busy day. Seeing Khushi not saying anything Arnav felt rejected and pain. Watch Queue Queue Report Video. Arnav came out from the car. Arnav read the letter again and again and again. Finally, he stood up. …shocked will be underestimate for Arnav as well for others. Other than his sister and nani every body else thought he never wanted to be committed , least they know tht he already was. After the ceremony, Arnav and Khushi spends some romantic moments together. Arnav got happy seeing her paying no heed to his words, he went meanwhile Arnav and Khushi had nonstop eyelock, he too went, the rest of the day went rough for Khushi, her heart and mind were battling over Rangeela and Arnav. Arnav finally reached Khushi's place to give them some sweets that Anjali bought for them for the engagement. " Arnav was about to move down but Khushi clutched his shirt by her left fist and by free hand gently ran her finger over Arnav’s left hand’s bandage . A tear Arnav looked up when he heard her gasp then saw her eyes widen, as a natural instinct Khushi went to cover her mouth, but Arnav grabbed her hand before she could noticing that the paint would also get on her. Arnav watched Khushi crying in dismay, and said, “Aditya. lavanya's engagement is already broken off, so she won't really care anyway, every1 looks and gives a strange look, arnav proposes to khushi, and khushi goes right into him and gives a hug tight to him and says yes!!!!! Khushi was about to enter the lift, when she was collided with Arnav. At the gesture, both Arnav and Khushi looked at each other as their minds replayed a minutes-old memory of their own similar exchange. Khushi's sister, Payal , gets engaged to Arnav's brother, Akash. it's me Khushi" He didn't open his eyes. She could not believe Arnav supporting her over his Di. He sat silently as Sasi and Garima joined him in shocked silence, knowing the young man had to get the weight off his chest, the obvious suffering in his visage pricking at their conscience. Arnav leaves her and Khushi takes the tray and sits with him. All including Khushi shocked to hear Arnav choose Khushi over his Di Anjali (in disbelief) - You choose this characterless girl (pointing Khushi) over your Di Khushi (crying) - I am telling you the truth Di Shyam ji is cheating on you all Khushi woke with a start to stare into Arnav’s eyes as he fussed around her like she was a child. Khushi is thinking and smiling about today's conversation when she remembers her school time, when she met Arnav for the first time. Khushi then looked down defeated and walked away towards the hall, wiping her tears furiously. Khushi became shocked to hear their shouting. Khushi looked at Shyam with shock and horror, how dare he approach her, Arnav had told her about the "conversation" the two had shared. Khushi walked out of the terrace. Out of the job, as she knows she is right Khushi is shocked when Arnav asks her to a contract in which is not allowed to sign to finish the work in 15 days. After Madhumati was totally calm nani said they should all leave and let her get some rest. Arshi entered the office… Finally, Arnav says something that completely shocks Khushi, "Khushi, I Love You". They saw her slowly soften and they followed her gaze, they saw her admiring the decorated hotel. Once they were ready, the jet started moving and moments later, they were in the air. Shyam then misleads Arnav, claiming that Khushi and Shyam are in love with each other, and only Anjali is their barrier. I love how the name morphs throughout the show from an insult, to a joke, and finally, a term of endearment. Jun 6, 2018- Explore Viji S's board "gif" on Pinterest. Arnav has justification, he thought that Aman already confessed his deed to Khushi instead he was cheating her again and again . We saw how Anjali is so shattered and disheartened . Arnav and Shyaam looked at the door as they heard a small exclamation from the entrance. The group had then moved on to the amusement zone to try the various rides available. khushi dressed like a typical bangali woman n did the traditional puja which is usually done 4 the hus flawlessly. “Look, Go and search someone to warm your bed… I’m not the one for you”Arnav threw the word not giving a look about her innocence that was reflecting in her eyes. Khushi all of Arnav’s and Akash’s business associates will be here. This video is unavailable. Garima then came down again leaving Khushi to rest for some more time in the room. " Khushi whined aloud, Arnav looked up briefly, shooting his melodramatic wife a questioning look. Khushi was wearing the sari Raja chose which was a beautiful red and cream net sari , with the pallu draped over her professionally wrapped hair. You are welcome to ask. Will he help her out? Meanwhile, Manorama is shocked when she sees Akash carrying Payal. He always tried to make Khushi busy by his work to Not to work for His Family,He wanted her All for himself,He believed Khushi was his Wife,not Khushi’s POV. Khushi rushed to Arnav and kneeled dow to his level. Arnav goes through all the customs for Khushi's sake. She collapsed when she saw the ring, straight into Aman’s arms. Meanwhile, Arnav becomes emotional when he reminisces about the time spent with his parents. IN e vening whole RM was decorated w ith flowers and light and everyone was ready for going to KM and all are waiting for Arnav to come home. Arnav was a complex man. Khushi was lying in bed as Arnav tapped away at his keyboard, she began to get irritated, his laptop always took priority over her. this mischief ] Khushi was shocked. Lubaba, Khushi and Arnav were shocked. Arnav glanced at Khushi run away from their kiss for the second time and cursed the gods he didn’t believe in. 2. then she felt a hand on her shoulder. Armaan , my son whom I was attached 23 years ago is getting married. arnav shocked about khushi engagement