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saturn transit 8th house capricorn From the 9th house, Saturn aspects your 11th, 3rd and 6th house which represent wealth and speech. Sagittarius is the sign related to deeper and higher wisdom, education, faith, believe, religion, institution, pilgrims, teachers, and to do good for others. If a transiting Saturn is in 8th house, you may lose wealth, friends and pets. It's growing and takes a lot of time but i know it's for the best getting everything set up the right way. This can be an extreme and painful transit where the testing of your self-knowledge will work itself out through any or all of these areas: financial, sexual, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Saturn will transit your 10th house, as Sagittarius is posited in your 10th house, the house of honor and profession. When Saturn is in the eighth house, you are a person who represses your emotions and develops a strong secretive nature. Saturn Transit Predictions for Capricorn Ascendant S aturn is transiting over the 8th house for natives having Capricorn as their Ascendant. Capricorn / Makara: Transit of Ketu in the 1st house from Natal Moon. Saturn Transit Effect on Capricorn: This is the first phase, the beginning of sade saati for those born in Capricorn Rashi. I have Pluto transit all but conjunct my ascendant (at 16. This is a most important time in your life, for you will strive to achieve more now than you ever have before. I also rated when a planet transits a water house, angles or cardinal houses, and Saturn aspects. Saturn in Capricorn is ambitious and hungry for power. SATURN in Capricorn Predictions till 2020! Mercury is going retrograde in December, while Saturn is moving into Capricorn and shifting the karmic lessons and regulations for Transit Saturn in 8th House This time brings into question great transformations that you may have been going through. I am in mid-40’s and from my life experiences thus far I find your explanation extremely accurate and profoundly insightful. This transit may not be very fruitful to you as it is from the seventh house. What is amazing about the Saturn transit in Capricorn is that it makes mainly positive aspects to the outer planets: a trine by sign to Uranus, a sextile to Pluto and a sextile to Neptune. Saturn leaves your 8th house and will be in 9th house till next transit. And since Saturn is the 8th lord in case of Gemini, it would give “sudden” effects and is positive for the longevity of the native. Saturn will oppose the U. (However, between January 9th and April 8th, 2003 Saturn went retrograde back into Taurus, thereby shifting the double transit to the signs of Cancer and Scorpio. Capricorn is the leader of the Earth signs, ruler of Saturn. Saturn is at 8 degree conjunct mars in sagittarius in 7th house if using Placidus house system and 8th house if using Whole sign, Saturn is the ruler of 9th house (capricorn) and 10th house (aquarius) in my natal chart. Time is favourable for Gemini natives during Saturn Transit 2019. You are an extremely private and secretive person. This movement of Saturn might induce stress and misconceptions in familial relationships. If Pluto rules, or is situated in your 1 st house , a complete transformation of your physical appearance and self-expression is likely. Capricorn & Capricorn Rising (Saturn transiting the 1st House) — You are the Star of this transit, or you at least feel that way. In some cases, the marriage partner is more of a parental attitude than that of a spouse and the love aspects of the relationship are lacking and cold. Spouse’s health might decline drastically which will make you worried or stressed. Saturn in Capricorn or the Tenth House: “Young Woman Playing Violin” by Orazio Gentileschi (1563 – 1639) [This is a continuation from a previous post]. 8th house placement of Saturn is a bad placement. This suggests that you may get some sudden gains in 2017 along with possibility of inheritance. There is also an opposition aspect between my Saturn, and a stellium formed by Sun, Venus and Jupiter, in the 10th House in Scorpio. Saturn transiting the 7th House makes you suddenly noticeable and the success that this transit tends to bring attracts jealousy. Effects of Saturn transit (Sani Peyarchi) 2017 and 2020 for all Twelve Zodaic Signs 8th House. Saturn is Lord of 1st and 2nd houses in your Chart. S. Saturn Transit to Sagittarius and until year 2020 in that Zodiac signs. . Jupiter in Capricorn is in the 2nd house of the natural or "home " of Jupiter which is Sagittarius. I. 7. If H8 is tenanted, then this process of bringing to light hitherto unacknowledged emotional or sexual tendencies may use the agency of specific people and situations. Saturn your lagna lord/rashi lord is posited in 12th house from lagna/rashi indicating that you are under sade-sati fr those who are having makar rashi, this is just the first phase of your sade-sati so jupiter’s positive transit may not have much positive effect on you if your horoscope has afflicted moon. This marks the beginning of the Sade Sati or the 7. mars transits the 8th house When Mars makes his transit through your 8th house you have tremendous sex appeal and personal power. Vedic Astrologers predict that during Saturn Transit 2019, the planet will transit in 7th House and 8th House of Cancerians. The great ringed one hung about at this position for weeks- although for anyone with chart points or planets at 10- 12 Scorpio, it felt like longer. That is, unless you want to spend the rest of your life, writhing in pain and agony. Saturn in the seventh house often brings an age difference with the marriage partner. Transiting Saturn in Capricorn ♄ ♑ Saturn transit contract for Rising signs December 2017 - March 2020 No transit of Saturn or the 8th house is unchallenging Your 11th house, Libra is action-packed and two strong planets Saturn and Rahu will bring matters related to 11th house into limelight. when i google the effects it says the most scaring things. doing business but uuerly failing . Saturn Special in Capricorn Overview & ALL Signs P JANUARY 2018 - Angel Tarot Guidance with Amy - All SCORPIO HOROSCOPE DECEMBER 2017 - https://t. In such case, an expert Astrologer’s advice is needed for better life and progress. One good thing about the transit is that Saturn when transits to eighth house in an enemy sign; it gives the effect of positive shifts as well and nullifies a lot of negative effects of Saturn. If you have Saturn in the 8th House, you are a hard worker who is patient and thrifty. You may have to change your job or line of business during this transit. Like my mom will be having health problems etc. Saturn in eighth house indicates longevity. . 5 years time when Shani transits through the 8th Rashi as counted from Janma Rashi (where Chandra or Moon is situated in horoscope). Ketu Transit In Capricorn 2017 For Capricorn - Ketu in the 1st House The Ketu transit in Capricorn may prove to be a difficult period, filled with a lot of confusion in various areas of life. Capricorn On The Cusp Of The 8th House If Capricorn is the sign on the cusp of your 8th house then your approach to sex, love and intimacy will be filled with a heavy sense of duty and responsibility. 5 years (shani dhaiyya) . Saturn in 8th House. Saturn’s transit of the 4th house of the natal chart may be seem less dynamic that some of the other Saturn transits but often, in retrospect, it is seen that it marks an important turning point. As we have already discussed few things about the 8th house in the earlier post here I am writing about the influence and effect of planets in the 8th house on demand of my blog readers who are more interested to know about the effect of planets in 8th house. Saturn during its transit to Sagittarius will leave their 8th house and bad period of Saturn in the 8th house will end now. The period of a Saturn transit to the 1st House is a time of self-appraisal and for confronting and dealing with the aspects of self, perceived to be negative, while Saturn was transiting the 12th House. My natal Saturn at 14 Capricorn in 12 house and needless to say transit Pluto really working that consciousness …l finally got what Saturn in 12th house means to me. Never in the recorded history did Saturn in Capricorn make so positive aspects. Saturn Transit In Sagittarius will be one of the most crucial transits in the coming years. Many people feel a desire to feel stronger, and start on a spiritual quest to find out more about the occult, the afterlife, and other mysteries that they feel will give their Saturn is in Capricorn and will stay here until 18 th of December 2020. You do not like change and will find that you work very hard to avoid it. g. For we but see the journey from the point at which it ended, looking back on it, imagining we make it once again; reviewing mentally what has gone by" (Jesus). A person may be poor and fear death and his enemies if Saturn transits through the 9th house. saturn transits through the houses- karma Saturn is widely known as the taskmaster, he is order, coolness restraint, restrictions, limitations, hinderance, intolerance, depression, critical and the wheeler and dealer of Karma! Saturn will conjunct your Sun in the Tenth House of your chart, using the Natural House system, so 2019, 2020 (when we see a stellium of Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Ceres al in Capricorn) are very much about you reshaping your role or position. I have a natal Saturn in Capricorn (10 degrees) conjunct a Capricorn Sun (17 degrees) in the 4th house and will be experiencing a second Saturn return in December 2018. You are confident and even a bit fearless. It is assigned 19 years in Vimshottari Dasa and slowly transits through a house in 2½ years. Saturn will transit in the 8th house which belongs to Sagittarius. Capricorn General. 7th House is the House of Marital Life and 8th House stands for the House of Life and Death. Known as the teacher, when Saturn transits a house, you can expect matters of that house to come to the forefront for the next two and half years. Life is an incredibly intricate exchange of energy. Just another 8th house wonder; uranus and pluto in virgo trine moon in cap,12th house, sextile neptune in scorpio 11th house,trine mercury in taurus in the 4th house. Now to be born under Saturn in eighth house placed in birth chart is no event of less significance. Saturn is the law, Jupiter is the interpreter of the law. It is a slow-moving planet, so slow that it spends around 2. Saturn exits your opposite sign of Scorpio, which governs your seventh house of committed partnerships. If rahu is in 8th house of libra with exalted saturn and mercury for pieces ascendant does such a rahu give bad results since it is in bad house. The 12th house denotes expenditure, accidents and peace of mind in life. I’ll be 43 in March and transiting Neptune is currently in my 5th house conjunct natal Venus (ruler of my 1st and 8th) and square natal Neptune (ruler of my 6th house) another interesting fact is the asteroid Asclepius (Healing) which I have in Pisces @ 7 degrees in my 5th house as well. Capricorn On Eight House Cusp Capricorn in 8th House – Capricorn on the cusp of the Eighth House You likely strive to be the authority figure in matters of financial, material, and physical resources you share with others. Each of us has a house in our chart that contains Capricorn and that house is ruled by Saturn. Ashtama Shani- What happens when Planet Saturn/Shani Transits in eight house of natal moon October 22, 2017 by Astrologer Ashtama Shani represents 2. marse in 4th house sun in in 7th house with house mercury in 8th house ,running moon mahadasha ,moon in 3rd house. “have to grown up too early, take care yourself, dont have much A transit of Pluto to the 8th House is likely to be a time of intense, obsessive and even violent emotional responses. Whenever i read a topic about moon square saturn i always cry, because it so fill with me. Saturn transit effect for Capricorn or Makara Rasi natives During 2017, Saturn or Sani would be transiting the 12th house of Capricorn natives. Here is a DESCRIPTION OF SATURN IN EACH ONE OF THE HOUSES! See how your life will be challenged by this maturing planet until 2020 as it moves through Capricorn and then is met by Pluto. Retrograde Saturn In Taurus In my natal chart, I have a retrograde Saturn in Taurus, in the 4th House. e. In this transit that lasts until 2020, Saturn is overseeing and inspecting how you network with people around you and how you gain and disseminate information. Detailed analysis and remedies. Here professional authority, accolades, and rewards for hard work and dedication reach the harvest point. Results vary by the sign Saturn is placed in and in which Constellation. Your life and your “ways” are being rewritten. This marks the beginning of the first phase of Sadhe Sati for you. Saturn in Scorpio or in the Eighth house, by birth or transit, brings up issues around money, sex, inheritance, and attempting to control others. and does a vipreet raja yoga applies since 12th lord saturn is in 8th house A transit of Saturn to the 10th House usually indicates a time in which the career and the lifestyle are up for review. Saturn Transit 2013 Impact on Sign Capricorn,The place where he loves to be ,the house of your career ,your 10th house from Moon. Neptune will make the same transit some years later and dissolve these same boundaries, often confusing the issues. Be prepared to guard your rear. Wherever Saturn is in the chart, is where there are subtle and deep psychological patterns that reflect challenges to be overcome. 5 years Saturn cycle for the Capricorn individuals. saturn was transiting my 7th, just entered my scorp 8th house a few months back (i have venus conjunct pluto in 8th house under whole signs), LOL. , nearly 7½ years out of Retrograde Saturn Saturn Transiting Retrograde. Since it is also aspecting your 9th, 1st and 4th house from the seventh house where it is placed from Moon, Saturn transit in 2017 would make you lazy. date of birth 4th august 1958. A great organizer and planner, they easily assume responsibility and can be relied upon to take care of business. Every 7 years or so, Saturn will transit conjunct, square, or opposite a natal planet. a person commonly experiences a period of difficulty in his work, or, if he is not working, in sustaining the lifestyle which he has had up to that point. Saturn could in fact be Father Time himself, as it is viewed as father of the gods and it calls for you at particular times in life to make necessary alterations to your current circumstances. If Ketu was placed in Pisces in your personal horoscope, then Ketu transit through that sign (Pisces) is called Transit Ketu through Natal 1st House and remaining houses are counted clock-wise. "Time is a trick, a vast illusionYet there is a plan behind appearances that does not change. Death, which means transformation of life through the cycle of generation, growth and destruction, is represented by eighth house of the chart. Saturn will be transiting to the seventh house which is the significator of 8th and 9th house. Saturn is a few degrees from going direct on my ascendant and Capricorn is on cusp of 2nd house, Saturn is in Libra in 10th natal, conjunct Pluto and square Mars in the 8th. Saturn in the 10th: This is the culmination of the Saturn cycle as begun from the 1st house. They will be entering the Cancer-Capricorn axis on 18th August, 2017 and will stay there till 7th March, 2019. Venus (money, women, art, social expression) and Jupiter (abundance, expansion) in 2018. This is a good transit to sit and reflect, start new research topic. Entering into a phase with my husband over our shared resources and have been doing much “digging deeper” with who I am in lieu of what I have endured through the hills of my family (whom I am currently and The 8th house has always been such an occult area and interest in the deeper aspects of life may take hold and this can be something of a mystical, psychic and supernatural journey, with a keen fascination with life and death issues, astral travel, and other planes of existence. Saturn is situated in the 2nd house (of finance, cause of death). You may be a control freak, or always hand over the power to someone else, or find yourself constantly struggling over power with people. Mars conjunct Saturn in the natal chart gives a strong determination and sustained effort in the pursuit of goals. Those seeking opportunities to settle overseas will be favored with beneficial opportunities. Pluto in the Eighth House: You will come to understand and acknowledge yourself as a sexual being under this transit, and your sexual desires may change drastically. Saturn is in Sagittarius, Rahu and Ketu in Cancer and Capricorn respectively, and Jupiter is in Libra. Trust me ashtama shani is a very negative period because I was under I have Saturn, Mars and Venus in the 8th house and also a diploma in Western Astrology and have some basic training in Vedic. Saturn in the 8th House Meaning, Natal Chart, Saturn Astrology Free Interpretations. ) Jupiter will transit into the 5th House for Cancer, which is the house of education. Also have Cap in Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, 8th & 9th houses. I’m confronting government (10th) about huge monetary penalties (2nd) and possible prosecution (10th/Pluto/Libra). In the following post, I will address Saturn in Cancer and Capricorn, Saturn in 4th House and 10th House, and Saturn in aspect to the Moon (the planetary ruler of Cancer): Mother of the Capricorn ascendant will be having some tough time during this phase as Jupiter is the house of hospitalization transiting to house of chronic disease or chaos 8th and from there aspecting house of mother 4th. ) Whatever house Pisces represents for each rising sign will determine how the double transit will affect the chart. However, you need to take care of your reputation as well against competitors in business. Planet, sign and 10th house refer to the ambitions and career, your status and position and the respect you get in life. Having Saturn Return in my 8th house. The script is written. For me Saturn in house of Neptune was full of fears and insecurities but l also learned to follow my intuitions. So these houses will become auspicious and give positive results. 22pm at kanpur. Saturn’s transit through the tenth house creates problems in your job or business. E (7-2016): SATURN TRANSITING THE 12th AND 1st HOUSES — My last transit of Saturn in the 12th House was very difficult but I learned a lot, especially about health issues and it was a turning point in my medical astrology research. Also in this case it will be the position of other planets in your SR chart and the contemporaneity of the transit of the slow moving planets in aspect with your natal planets to make clear how to interpret this Sun in the eighth SR house, and to tell you if this money will be more incoming or outgoing. When Saturn transits the Eighth House the need for security and achievement influences how you use your power and others’ resources. The descendant (cusp of the 7th house) is the point of awareness of others and when Saturn enters this house all the self-discovery of the previous six houses will be tested in the social arena. The Mountain Goat has intense powers of selfconcentration,but not in an egotistical sense. Trust me ashtama shani is a very negative period because I was under ashtama shani from 2011-2014. It is time to get clear and be more realistic about where you want to go in life. I always assumed a lot of issues came from having a moon-square saturn and a mercury square saturn ( moon/mercury in Sagittarius in the 5th house, saturn in Pisces in the 8th house) and other Saturn contacts ( opp uranus/pluto conjunction in Virgo , etc) . Timebomb- Saturn 8th house transits Back in February, Saturn stationed retrograde at 11 Scorpio 31’…or thereabouts. “Saturn,” she wrote, “is stomping through my eighth house like Godzilla humbling Tokyo, holding up a mirror to my trembling second-house natal Saturn with its many insecurities. Saturn transit through the 8th house: Saturn transit through the 8th house is when you have to dig deep into yourself, and release some of the stories you tell yourself. Natal Saturn in the 8th House Home » Planets » Natal Saturn » Saturn in Houses » Natal Saturn in the 8th House A reader might expect that natal Saturn in the 8th house would bring a lot of difficulties in the matters that the house rules, yet this is definitely not the case. Like, for Aries Ascendant, Saturn rules 10th house (Capricorn) & 11th house (Aquarius), hence Saturn is Career & Income related planet for Aries people but for Cancer Ascendant, Saturn rules 7th house (Capricorn) and 8th house (Aquarius), so it becomes a relationship centric planet for Cancer Ascendant. Transit through the 10th house will lead to loss of wealth and respect. Saturn as a trigger in William's true coming of age. Saturn in the 8th House Saturn in the eighth house finds it very difficult to let go of anything, and although that makes this placement indicative of a long life, it is often a long life of struggling in intimate relationships. Saturn Transit in Capricorn December 2017 – March 2020, July 2010- December 2020. Saturn is Lord of 1st and 2nd houses in your Chart. ) Astrology Readings of Saturn transit for Capricorn Ascendant: Exalted Saturn will transit from tenth house of your Lagna Chart. Saturn in Capricorn will be transiting my 2nd house and my moon, opposite my natal Saturn in cancer. From a young age you were someone who thought about the mysteries of life and the things that most people consider taboo. This transit will collide with Jupiter Transit In Sagittarius and Ketu Transit In Sagittarius and will A Jupiter in Scorpio Transit Only Comes Around Every 12 Years. Up to the point when transiting Saturn entered Libra in 2009, William was essentially a boy – a delightful, engaging, and much-adored boy, but a boy nonetheless – even, at times, a playboy. You aim to make the greatest possible mark upon the world, and now is the time to do it—but only if you have truly found out who you are and what your life is about. But to make the rating more accurate, I only counted half point for a inner planet, and twice for a Saturn event. If you are a Gemini native, Saturn is your 8th house and 9th house lord, which stands for longevity, major transformation, fortune, and fame. Saturn Transit in Capricorn and Natal Sun in Capricorn As we already mentioned, when Saturn transits the sign of Capricorn, he is in his own realm. (that is, in Libra, the sign it rules, in my opinion) and the sign in which it is beyond the orbit of Uranus (that is, when in Aries. Excellent academic performance, admissions in sought-after institutes and appreciation by mentor and instructor is high on cards. (House of Cancer and the Moon) A friend with this transit is remodeling her home. Saturn transits bring themes of restriction, discipline and structure to the area of life ruled by the house through which it is passing. 5 years condensed into 2. We will work hard and play hard! there will be an increase in ambitions, status, popularity, power, and esteem. Planets are always rotating and revolving around the sun and they are always moving through a certain sign, nakshatra, degree, which means in your own birth chart these planets are moving over a certain house and certain planet. Life-changing events related to home, real estate -- examples, foreclosure, moving in with family, buying or selling, moving house. The 8th house in Astrology represents your intimacy with yourself and with special others. So during Saturn transit in Sagittarius, they will get the good results for the 8th house like sudden rise, gains, help from in-laws etc. Sutras 1-7: If Saturn is in the first house (ascendant), the native will suffer from rheumatic and bilious diseases. It could be a belief and a belief is simply a habit of the mind that can be changed by a little discipline (Saturn. It is the slowest planet in Vedic astrology , taking thirty years to transit through all signs of the zodiac. Transit Saturn in Astrology Transit (moving) Saturn is a slower moving planet, spending about 2 1/2 years in each sign. Capricorn: Pluto in Capricorn will transform and change your solar 1st house of self assertion and personal power your sun sign is the first to receive Pluto's power. astrology transits 2011 by Mystic. If the last 9 cycles of Saturn were negotiated well, here is the gold metal moment for a job well done. Whether spirituality is experienced as the more transcendental or heightened state of inner-connectedness or as a personal relationship with God, investing here simply means actually spending time in that state. GEMINI December 2017. 8th house transit of Saturn, ‘Ashtam Shani’, would be experienced by natives born in Taurus while 10th house transit, ‘Kantak Shani’ impact will be experienced by Virgo natives. Performing Saturn homa on the day of transit can help reduce the adverse impact of Saturn in the birth chart due to Sade sati (7 and half period of Saturn), 8th house Saturn, 4th house Saturn and Saturn Dosha (Saturn Affliction). One reason marriages are under greater stress when Saturn goes through this house is that the partner becomes envious of your success. Many things will be torn down and rebuilt, as Saturn reorganises the affairs of each house he passes through. Saturn rules Capricorn, the sign of ambition, and, when Saturn comes around, it is frequently the time to take the next step up. You will have a tough time at work and your efforts will not get you the desired results. I have sun capricorn in 10th house, aries ascendant and scorpio moon in 7th house square saturn in 11th house. Your Saturn return occurs once every 27-29 years when Saturn returns to the sign it was in when you were born, ushering you into a new phase of adulthood. During this movement, he will conjunct the natal Sun of all people whose sign is Capricorn. The self-adjustment we undergo here determines our ability to relate to others on an equal footing (seventh house), and, by its success or failure, unites us with or separates us from others. 8th house is the house of longevity, inheritance, sexual drive, occult, suffering, frustrations, failures, sudden ups and downs. Eighth house also shows inclination towards research. The planet of rules, status and maturity will be stronger than ever for the next two-and-a-half to three years. 2nd and 8th houses are intercepted in my natal chart. It will generate very fortunate results in respect of profession, finance and social status. Its transit through the 3rd, 6th and 11th house from Moon, i. Saturn in the 8th is not going to be automatically considered to be well-placed; there are historical/traditional astrologers of yore who kind of poisoned the well when it comes to Saturn and the 8th house, so there you go; you have to overcome those beliefs and turn it around, use the energy positively, etc. Saturn enters Capricorn The ringed planet Saturn returned to its tradition home sign of Capricorn the sea goat in the last few days of 2017. Effect of Saturn Transit on Capricorn (Makara) : Saturn is transiting twelfth house from your Natal Moon. some saturn returns of famous people with saturn in the 8th house The 8th house is known by many as the most difficult of the houses, but whether this is a fact is debatable. I will help you find SATURN by transit in your chart. 5 years in each sign. If Saturn is in his sign of exaltation (Libra), the native will have lordship over a village or town and will have financial and agricultural prosperity. For Capricorn Ascnd Saturn being Ascendant lord in 11th will give boost to success and gain but with little delay and conflict as its in inimical sign. chiron in capricorn or the tenth house Chiron is probably more at home in Capricorn than any other planet since it squares both the sign in which it is inside the orbit of Saturn. Saturn’s third sight aspects the twelfth house during this period and this may create problems between you and your life partner. They are focused on their career. Saturn also rules old people and there may be changes in regards to them if one has any that are within one's personal circle. I should appoligize for the delay and thank those of you who reminded me to update my transit predictions. The ability to let loose and play with the enthusiasm, creativity and the freedom of a child is the fifth house in its truest form. This is because Saturn goes retrograde in each sign at some point. Saturn going into Capricorn will start my 8th house transit and I have spent this entire year becoming more organized with my finances. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, the sign he resonates with the most. When that natal planet is Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, we feel the effects in a personal way depending on the planet involved. co/Wd1 Saturn in Capricorn has to learn to break free of their structure once in a while and simply live in the moment. You won't hesitate to face your "shadow self," and you may undergo counseling in an effort to understand yourself from a psychological perspective. Ashtama Shani as it is termed is the full 7. For Aquarians, Saturn’s move into their solar 8th house will highlight working on psychological factors, and worrying about security issues perhaps, but the trine to Jupiter brings a reasonably painless transition, and crucially Saturn has moved out of its opposition placement. Tagged: astrologer, lessons of saturn, New York, saturn and karmic debt, saturn in astrology, Saturn in the 8th house, saturn transit, saturn transiting the 8th house, starsmoonandsun, transits The Astrology of Kim Ks Wedding Eighth House: When Saturn aspects the 2nd and 5th and 10th houses from the 8th house, it can create insecurities about expressing oneself (e. Ever since I was 16 I was involved in the occult and only just recently have I come to the conclusion that I need to control my life through the will of my mind. Whether it’s your first or your second, it is good to be prepared for it because, well, that’s what Saturn in Capricorn wants you to do. Saturn in Capricorn will take us on a journey that explores the values that Capricorn values; respect, patience, preservation, history, preparing and planning are all part of what will become prevalent over the next 3 years. ith the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign Capricorn transiting the 3rd house of your natal chart, you are gaining wisdom and maturity in the area of life associated with sibling, neighbors, your local environment, the daily workings of your mind, conversation, listening, teaching and learning. im freaked out. The infamous rings of Saturn represent the limitations of man . guru chandal yoga in 10th house ,saturn in 11th house . It is the best time for students. This transit usually affects the affairs of the house(s) that has Capricorn on the cusp and the house containing Saturn. The way these major transits usually work is that first Uranus comes long and disrupts things (or, to be more accurate, Uranus breaks up any excessive and outdated Saturn limitations and structures). When Capricorn is strong natally, and especially when Saturn is also strongly in your birth chart, this transit by Saturn can be a time when your Inner Parent is finally satisfied that you’ve paid your dues, are entitled to expert status, and qualify for a better—even a managerial—position. Saturn in Eighth House People with Saturn in 8th house tend to be patient, economical, and hard working. Saturn Transits Every 7 years or so, Saturn will transit conjunct, square, or opposite a natal planet. Uranus Transits: 8th House August 15, 2010 When Uranus transits the eighth house, it can indicate a change in joint finances and a partner’s income may alter. Uranus is conjunct neptune but is more in the 7th house. In the horoscope of the U. This represents Big Business, Big Government, Old Ways, Old People, Chronos/ Father Time, Authority, Stability/ Lasting Effects. most of my planets are above the horizon (opposite from yours!)…like your blog and ‘about’ page a lot. Saturn Transiting the Tenth House A Saturn house transit in the tenth house is a very important transit. I can say that is a important with me, moon in 7th house and square in saturn. The time is good for making new investments. If the transit is happening in your 11th house, look also to the 5th, 8th & 2nd for impacts If the transit is happening in your 12th house, look also to the 6th, 9th & 3rd for impacts Analysing Saturn Transits Learn more about Saturn in the eighth house (or Scorpio), an often misunderstood house that stands for fear of change and emotional isolation. The planet, Saturn will transit in your 7th house from your moon sign, hence this year would yield you mixed results. Saturn transiting through the 12th house Invest in your spiritual life. Saturn is at the latter half of its transit through Sagittarius, meaning that those of us with Saturn in Capricorn are approaching our Saturn Return. Pluto transited my Saturn in 2013 and my Sun in 2016-17. Saturn’s transit into the 12th house from your Moon-sign, signifying bed comforts and expenses, heralds a period of frequent travels, diverse expenditures, pilgrimages, and abundant sensual pleasures. NOTE IN THE CALENDAR BELOW HOW: sometimes Saturn goes into a sign, back into the sign before it, and then back again into the sign it was just in. After all, the 2nd House rules more than money and possessions. The aspects it makes to your natal planets last for 2 weeks up to 2 months, and in the houses, Saturn can remain for over 2 years. Check which house Pluto is located in your chart, and which house Pluto rules in your chart, in order to get a better idea of how this transit will manifest. This entry was posted in D. I Have saturn and neptune conjunct(6 degrees) in capricorn in the 8th, with neptune conjunct the 8th house cusp. Negative Effect: This is the house of marriage and partnership.   This will not be a light transit. It is not enough to just know yourself and others you also need to be able to accept other peoples values and incorporate them without compromising your individuality. 8th house transit shows legacies and gains through inheritance, especially during malefic transits. On October 10th, 2017, Jupiter officially says hello to the sign of Scorpio & waves good-bye to Libra. 8th house transit of any of the slow moving planets is indicative of unexpected gains through inheritance. As many of you may have heard already, Saturn has finally ingressed into Capricorn for the final time, and has begun its tenure of the sign for the next few years. , Saturn in Capricorn is likely to put a squeeze on its usual need for abundance and nourishment. Sun in 8th house in Capricorn for Gemini ascendant in Astrology meaning of Saturn transit in Astrology Part B SATURN in 8th HOUSE :: CAPRICORN in 8th HOUSE in a Birth/Natal Chart! Saturn in the 8th House Sooner or later, death and its environment – inheritances, successions, investments, sorrows, or detachment – are areas you will have to deal with, not necessarily in a negative way. 5th House in Astrology Self-expression is the essence of the fifth house. Transits are constant movements of planets in the sky. Im a libra, so it will be in my 4th house of family, home, endings and beginings . Saturn lords over the 7th and the 8th house of the horoscope of the Cancer sign this year and will be transiting to the 6th house. For Aries, Saturn transits to your eighth house in Scorpio. Saturn in Capricorn moves Saturn into your solar third house, dear Scorpio. There were definitely some lows during that time…but it was not all bad. You will look and feel different and there will be nothing you can't do for some time to come. In short, their 8th house will become auspicious and despite the bad position of transit Saturn they should not worry much about Saturn transit in their 8th house but due to the transit of Saturn through at the same time i have natal saturn retro in 8th house capricorn where transit pluto is now, my 7th house cusp is in capricorn also with retro neptune and uranus there… anyway saturn is my 7th house ruler was the point. CAPRICORN: You enter a powerful period, not always easy, for redefining your identity and the form in your world as Saturn transits your 1st house of identity, physical health and self-expression. The planet Saturn rules your 8th house which stands for major transformation, longevity & 9th house which symbolises fame and fortune. Beware of your enemies during this time, as they are likely to become more strong and offensive. When Saturn transits the Seventh House the need for security and achievement influences your one-to-one relationships. As Saturn approaches and eventually transits the M. Y. Saturn Transit 2017 for Capricorn Saturn now moves into the 12th house transit for the Capricorn born individuals. With Capricorn on the 2nd or Saturn in the 2nd house, natives are likely to value: Status, Symbols of Achievement, Money, Age, and Resilience (amongst other things). Saturn Transit In Sagittarius: Are you wondering what this transit means for you? Ganesha says that Sagittarius is a Sign of absolute optimism and higher learning and Saturn's presence in this Sign will help you to strive harder towards achieving higher goals. pl advise Natal house is the sign where a planet was originally placed during your time of birth. Anyway the 8th house of transit of Saturn is as fearsome as a full sade-sati. Astro and tagged Pluto transits, 8th house, Uranus transits, the houses astrology, Capricorn horoscopes, Pluto 8th House, Neptune 8th House, Uranus 8th House, Aries horoscopes. the 3rd house (of siblings, immediate relatives, friends and servants). As Saturn’s transit through your 8th house gets underway, you’ll become more familiar with the intricacies of how giving and receiving impacts your projects, successes, and sense of self. stage fright), and so developing confidence in the value of your words and deeds and creations is important. 5 weeks and enters Capricorn/my 1st House! Sag- squared with my pluto in virgo in the 8th From Moon, Saturn is in your 6th house from where it aspects 8th, 12th and 3rd house. This year Saturn will enter Capricorn Sign in 8th house on January 24 in the beginning of the year, Rahu will be in Gemini Sign in 1st House and will enter Taurus Sign in 12th House after September 19. The last 2 months have been so busy at work and my small business I just started. If you are thinking of a relocation, then this is the good time to go for it. After wandering through the zodiac for 27 years, Saturn finally comes home. Even if you are rich, you will feel this effect. This transit coincided with my North Node transit through the 12th house, Saturn transiting my 12th house Pluto, everything happening in Scorpio, also Saturn trine 8th house Jupiter and Chiron in Cancer and Saturn sextile my stellium of Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Mercury in 2nd house Capricorn. My father was a Capricorn and though a good dad in many ways, always worried abo0ut money and I do remember the household was frought, due to problems with money Saturn: In this birth, Saturn is the lord of two houses: #1. The Saturn will take positions in 2nd and 3rd house. Saturn in Capricorn Your Capricorn Saturn Sign. Taurus / Vrushabha: Transit of Saturn in the 8th house from Natal Moon Profession and Finance: This transit of Saturn will be a highly disturbing one for you. Capricorn Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 10th solar house Aquarius Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 9th solar house Pisces Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 8th solar house I have Sun Conjunct Saturn in Gemini, in the ninth house. I have always struggled with a lack of confidence in myself and tend to retreat from others (also have mercury in cancer). Saturn is the planet that demands patience. The sixth house, like the sixth sign Virgo, represents the last personal stage in development, and is thus a critical one. capricorn asc . This brings in some trying time for you. This planet strives to stabilize the bedrock in our lives. Your mother’s health may deteriorate during the Saturn transit 2019. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and naturally rules the 10th house. Reference your article Saturn affecting Profession in Vedic Astrology: What are the effects in a vedic horoscope when Saturn placed in the 8th house aspects with the 3rd drishti to Jupiter placed in the 10th house when Saturn is the lord of 8th house & 9th house. Saturn in Astrology The last planet we can see with the naked eye (although with fine eyesight in clear skies Uranus can just be seen as well), Saturn represents limits: the limit of our vision, the limit of our body (the skin), and the limits of personal action (the law). Pluto Transits Through Your Fourth House: This transit starts with Pluto crossing over the bottom of your horoscope, the Nadir. Transiting Saturn, like natal Saturn, is the ruler of Capricorn. The planet Saturn or Shani has always been a blend of both positive and negative besides which it is one of the most potent celestial presence similarly the placement of Saturn in 8th house would bring a blend of both adverse as well as pleasant impacts upon the native's life. keep up the great posts and best wishes for 2013 🙂 Saturn is moving into your 8th house all of this year, this is a time to take care of your financial obligations, issues related to mutual resources or intimacy might require your attention, you need to stay focused, avoid laziness, and take responsibility. Marketing campaigns can go against you. Other ex :- Mithuna lagna & kanya lagna – shani rules trikona and bad house but its mool trikona falls in bad house 6th (kanya lagna), Mesha lagna – guru rules 9th and 12 house, Simga lagna – guru rules 5th and 8th house, Makara lagna – Budha rules – 6th and 9th house, Kumbha lagna – Budha rules 5th and 8th houses. the 2nd house (of finance, cause of death); #2. Saturn transits can have profound effects on your life. Saturn In 8th House: Positive Traits. Saturn enters Capricorn, his home sign, on December 19th at 11:48 PM EST/8:48 PM PST. Some things may go in order to create space for the new. Saturn in 8th House - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. When the Sun is placed in the eighth house, you are a person who hides your true nature. You have the capacity for self-discipline and this strong discipline can cause you to deny yourself a social and/or sexual life in your quest for financial security. Since mid 2012 Saturn has be transiting my 12th house; it’s progressively squared my Cancer moon, squared my Aqua Mercury/Sun/Venus (all square natal Pluto) and it’s last transit while in this house was a conjunction with Pluto (in 12th). Here is a stabilizing force, one of thehardest-working signs of the Zodiac. Transit of Saturn over debilitated 9L, Sun is particularly not good for your father's health and may delay fate and fortunes. It’s time for the planet of luck and good fortune to take a new 12 year turn…which will have a direct effect on our lives. Yet during the Twelfth House transit of Saturn, my 12th House in 2. Saturn transit in 8th and 9th house will bring mostly positive results for Gemini Zodiac sign in year 2019. Restrictions belong to Saturn and Saturn disposes of Capricorn, the top house. The first house is a fire house, a house that rules our personal identity. Thank goodness it is not badly aspected except opposition to saturn in pisces 2nd/3rd house cusp. The planet Saturn or Shani is one of the most potent presence in the horoscope chart which brings strength and dominance along with the hurdles & difficulties in the path. Capricorn : Saturn is transiting in your 12th house, aspects 2nd and 9th house through its 3rd & 10th aspect & aspects 6th house through 7th aspect. The Transit of Saturn over 8th house is known as Ashtama Shani and you should read the effect of Saturn transit over the 8th house before reading further. Transit Saturn in the 8th House When transit Saturn is in your 8th house, you need to address your issues with power and control. Transit simply means movement. Saturn as karaka (significator) of the malefic 6th, 8th and 12th house in the horoscope is the most dreaded planet. One may take on personal responsibilities or duties and be rather fatherly. Your Mars desires, sexuality and creativity are positively influenced by Saturn’s discipline and strong work ethic. This transit on 26th January would form Vipreet Raj Yoga this year. Saturn in the first house is fallen making the personality cautious, prudent, disciplined, reliable, industrious, calm, serious, reserved, patient, and persevering. This is the time to concentrate on changes related to personal and professional development, employment and studies. I have Tula Lagna / Vrisha Rashi / Krittika Nakshtra, in my horoscope Juptier is placed along with Saturn, Mars and Rahu – all in the 11th House from Lagna, Moon exhaulted in Vrisha along with Venus in his own house (same 8th house), Sun exhaulted in 7th house and Mercury debiliated in the 6th house. ”5 The 8th house rules our partner’s money; April’s husband was currently without an income. 5-4-2014 From Donna Cunningham, MSW As noted earlier on this site, every single child born on the planet in 1989 had a triple conjunction of Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn Through The Houses by Dee Patterson. Transit of Saturn Saturn is a huge planet, farthest from the earth compared to other planets in the cosmic realm. 06 degrees Capricorn) and it will be crossing into my first house (which is intercepted) for the first time at the end of Jan 2016. These individuals are self-made disciplined people, who can sacrifice the short-term happiness to meet their end goals. This transit will make you completely focused on your career front leaving apart all other aspects for some time . Rahu Transit In Cancer, Ketu Transit In Capricorn – Transit Dates On 30th January, 2016, Rahu and Ketu entered the Signs of Leo and Aquarius respectively. The Saturn transit 2019 will manifest itself in several ways impacting your personal as well as professional life in a big way. When Pluto does this, it also is opposite your Mid-Heaven , your career, so that area of your life can undergo changes as well for the one or two years that Pluto makes the exact opposition. So much has changed since my last post. But, Saturn in the 8th House is the house where Saturn absolutely cannot be avoided. Your health may get disturbed during this time, if you were being careless about your health earlier then now is the time when you need to take extra care of yourself. Free Online Astrology, Natal Birth Chart Meanings and Interpretations. C. First of all Saturn, the planet symbolizing bundle of Karma and secondly eighth house, the most enigmatic and intense of all, so this combination can never be without any deeper significance. Saturn in 7th house aspect on the 9th, ascendant and 4th house. Saturn Transit Predictions for Capricorn Ascendant: Saturn is transiting over the 8th house for natives having Capricorn as their Ascendant. For Capricorn Ascendant, Saturn is the lord of 1st and 2nd sitting in 11th house of Scorpio which is the inimical sign for him. So, only a few more weeks and it's out of the 12th and onto the next lessons and life plan. Saturn in the 8th house The rubber meets the road in your closest relationships for the next three years. Intimacy is probably the most challenging and sought after feeling in Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius and is strongly exalted in Libra. Saturn transiting the first house begins with a Saturn conjunction to the Ascendant, a transit of personal significance. The one good thing about Saturn in 8th house in astrology, is that it forces you to look at your commitments and responsibilities in a realistic manner. At the end of the day, when all the hard work is complete, they should sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. saturn transit 8th house capricorn